Third Party Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance

If you're a therapist, an alternative, or an allied health practitioner you should have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance for your protection and for the protection of your clients? Although it's not mandatory it is certainly common sense and most hypnosis/hypnotherapy associations will require you to have it if you want to be accepted for membership.

We recommend Insurance House. You can access their policies and sign up on line for any modality that you are suitably qualified to practice. For hypnotherapy/clinical hypnosis the requirements are 300 hours of training by a recognised established training institution.

Policies can be purchased on line via access the direct link below


This is a complimentary service offered TAHA members because Insurance House have a good reputation as a leading allied and alternative practitioner insurance provider in Australia. Neither The Australian Hypnosis Alliance and/or the CEO Michael Werts or the Chairman Rick Collingwood receive any financial or other incentives either directly or indirectly from Insurance House for any policies that may be purchased from the use of the link on this website. It is purely a 100% free service for all.


Membership is $147 for the 1st year

And then $97 automatically for every year after that

Click the button below to securely pay via PayPal. After you checkout you will be able to immediately access all the members-only content and create your listing.

Or register as a training organisation here ($187/1st year - $147/year thereafter)


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