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Victorian Government – Proposed Legislation Changes to Address Unregulated Health Provider Short Fall

Proposed legislative changes to address unethical or poor behaviour by unregulated health...

5th April 2016

You’re Back in the Room – Television’s Latest Hypnosis Show

On 3 April, a new hypnosis based television show airs in Aust. Whether this is good or bad...

3rd April 2016

Quitting Smoking... The Reality

Smoking is addictive; every smoker knows this. Smoking is very hard to quit; every smoker...

23rd March 2016

How do I select a Hypnotherapist?

Like the majority of alternative or allied health modalities, hypnotherapy is not governme...

23rd March 2016
Lady hypnotising

The Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis induces a person into a trance with the help of techniques which are clinically p...

21st March 2016

Anton Mesmer & Modern Day Mesmerism

Without Mesmerism modern hypnosis might never have existed, or even become a therapeutic p...

21st March 2016

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