Marina Makushev

Naturally Vibrant Healing Centre

Marina is an experienced and professionally qualified, government accredited and registered clinical hypnotherapist. Her passion is to renew people’s sense of hope, peace, and resilience so they can enjoy a happier life.

She specialises in empowering people to break through those very areas of self-sabotage that have burdened her own life: “stuck” patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour expressed as unwanted habits, emotional struggles, and chronic (psychosomatic) illness.

She does this safely and gently, using a wisdom-centred approach that respects your uniqueness, along with western medicine, neuroscience and energetics, to powerfully facilitate your goals for change.

"If you're still stuck in unwanted habits, emotional struggles, or chronic pain that just won't go away - but ready for change - you can renew yourself powerfully through hypnotherapy."

Be TRANCEformed with Marina, your local Hypnotherapist and Wellbeing Revitalist.


Mobile0478 559 057
Naturally Vibrant Healing Centre
46 Heatherton Road
3802 Endeavour Hills , VIC

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