Rick Collingwood

Mind Motivations Hypnosis & TAHA Chairman

Rick is the world's premier clinical therapeutic hypnotist. He is an internationally renowned Hypnosis Trainer, Author, Counsellor, Public Speaker, Sales Motivator, Corporate Speaker, and the founder of Mind Motivations™ & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™. During the past twenty years he developed a unique style of hypnosis from a combination of traditional hypnosis, ericksonian hypnosis, mesmerism, and his vast knowledge of the direct and rapid hypnosis methods used by hypnotists of the past; adapting and blending the techniques into a powerful therapeutic model. Since 1995 he's personally assisted countless thousands of people, using his own unique therapeutic hypnosis techniques.

His clients include international Movie Stars, Sales Motivators, Commercial Airline Pilots, Psychologists, Medical Professionals, Business People, Home makers and Children. People from all walks of life, facing challenges such as stress disorders, nicotine and drug dependency, gambling, addiction, pain management, depression, panic disorder, insomnia, motivation, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer and many other various behavioral challenges.

Rick has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of all styles of hypnosis, combined with his many years of practical experience. He continuously demonstrates that the effectiveness of his hypnosis and sub-conscious counselling skills are unequalled by many other hypnosis methods and hybrids. He developed “Hypnosis Field Therapy™”, a clinical hypnosis technique that quickly gets to the core of any personal habit, emotional issue, and physical or mental health concern and pleasantly releases or re balances it within the mind. These are the special advanced techniques that were developed and used in the successful “Hypnosis & Improvement in The Quality Of Life” cancer research he conducted in 2005. Since that time those techniques have been further developed during thousands of hours of clinical experiments and research. “Hypnosis Field Therapy™” is a new frontier of hypnosis; its cutting edge hypnosis techniques combined with years of clinical expertise are a Quantum Leap beyond the often semi effective relaxation and visualistaion techniques used by many of today’s hypnotherapists.


Australian Academy of Hypnosis
Dip Hypnosis, Dip Adv Hypnosis



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