Mike Welsh

MindSet Hypnotherapy

Mike Welsh practices Hypnotherapy and Counselling after a lifetime in small business. He brings to the session many years of life experience covering a broad range of interests from graphic design and marketing, to philosophy and meditation, personal development, politics, motor sport, driver education and aviation.

His training and experience includes an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from the Australian Academy of Hypnosis, a Certificate IV in Hypnotherapy and Counselling at the the Academy of Hypnotic Science, four years with the Excellerated Learning Institute and the Money and You programs, twelve years as a student and tutor at the School of Philosophy, eighteen years as a voluntary Board Member and current Chairman of METEC Driver Training in Kilsyth, thirty three years as owner /manager of design and marketing business, thirty years in local politics, thirty seven years as an active motor sport competitor, five years in aviation. He has been married for forty two years and has three adult children and two grand children.

His special interests include: Happiness, through the understanding of the positive effects that flow from self awareness, service and mindfulness; The importance of good values and integrity in our work and family lives; Life balance in all aspects of our nature; The rise of human consciousness; Narcissism and it’s destructive effects on humanity; The application of wisdom in personal practice.

“As a therapist I find that hypnotherapy and counselling opens up significant opportunities for inner growth and well being in most individuals and working with people to improve their lives provides the ultimate in meaning and purpose. Despite the apparent difficulties that life presents, we all have the inner resources to change”.

Specialties of Practice

  • Anxiety, Mindfulness

Other modalities practiced

  • Stop Smoking
  • Addictions
  • Weight Loss


Academy of Hypnotic Science
Australian Academy of Hypnosis
Cert.IV in Hypnotherapy
Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis


Landline03 9728 2200
Mobile0418 348 118
Outer East Melbourne
6 Castella Street
3140 Lilydale , VIC

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