The Australian Academy of Hypnosis

Our Mission Statement

"To ensure that we teach every student the true history of hypnosis and competent skills in its practical uses and applications; including the relevant induction styles for Ericksonian Hypnosis, Direct Rapid Authoritative Hypnosis, Mystical (past life regression) Mesmerism (which is not hypnosis), Hypnotic Fascination and Magnetism."

Since 1996 The Academy has promoted and taught clinical hypnosis "Hypnotherapy" as a significant and valuable modality within all professions of physical and emotional healing. The curriculum of The Academy is very practically orientated. It was created, formatted and is updated by Rick Collingwood, Australia's premier international clinical hypnotist and hypnosis trainer. Since 1996 we have taught more than 2000 students how to "Do Hypnosis" and then apply it effectively and correctly for therapeutic purposes. We have successful graduates in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Fiji, South Africa, Holland, and Costa Rica.

The practical aspects of inducing hypnosis are often not included in the curriculum of many "Hypnosis Training Institutions". Students can pay many thousands of dollars to read books and attend lectures of academic postulation and then practice a progressive muscle relaxation technique for a day or two before they are given a document that decrees them as a Master Hypnotist or a Master Practitioner. It's a sad reality that many who undertake hypnosis training may actually have no real idea of how to induce genuine hypnosis let alone how to use it.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO): 
Rick Collingwood
Rick Collingwood, John Vernes
Modalities trained: 
Hypnosis/hypnotherapy, Mesmerism & fascination
Training regions: 
We conduct group trainings in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth as well as internationally.



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