The Jackson Institute

The Jackson Institute is a leader in the field of Past Life and Between Life Regression Therapy, training students around Australia and New Zealand.

The Institute training directors are Lorna and John Jackson. They are both highly experienced certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, holding diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and are experienced Certified Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapists.

Our courses are carefully designed for people at any stage of development and awareness. The primary object of any of the training courses and workshops offered by The Jackson Institute is to enlighten people and to awaken thier soul consciousness. This happens on a profoundly deep level where students become aware of the potential of their immortal soul nature through a transpersonal, metaphysical approach.

Training environments are modern, comfortable and friendly places where people access metaphysical and spiritual education and development.

Courses offered by The Jackson Institute are extremely comprehensive, using a combination of lectures, experientials and discussions.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO): 
Lorna Jackson, John Jackson
Modalities trained: 
Soul Regression Therapy
Training regions: 
Australia wide.


4212 QLD

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