Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Healer, Ancestral Chinese Traditional Medicine Practitioner, Kungfu Master, Life Coach and TV host
Master Hypnotherapy Trainer and International Vice President of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis
Jilong was born in 1981, from an ancient family tree that links back to Emperors in the Song Dynasty (1060-1279)
When he was 3, his dad, the local police chief, started to train him with traditional Kungfu skills. At the age of 7, he was appointed by the family to be the future master to carry on all the family skills. The previous master, his grandfather started teaching him about inner style Kung Fu, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Taoism skills including Inner Pill and External Pill.
Since the age of 8, he went to the mountains to collect herbs with his grandfather every school holiday and learned the relevant knowledge.
He went to Sydney Australia to study I.T. because he also had a passion for computers. Since he studied well so after English courses, he was able to enrol in University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2002. His major was Software Engineering. He was doing well, and he started to teach Kung Fu part time in UTS and became quite renowned and so he opened a little Kungfu academy.
He began using his Kung Fu skills to heal the students injured during competitions and class activities. The students found the healing was helpful and powerful and words started to spread. Others who did not do Kung Fu heard about him and came for solutions for chronic pains and depression. Jilong healed most of them in very short amount of time with his power and knowledge.
There were a few people with some challenging issues who were all but given up on by traditional medicine so Jilong started to go to mountains to collect herbs and finally helped them. He also befriended tribal leaders, shamans and aboriginals and exchanged his skills and herbs with them.
In 2007, he was invited by the Finance Minister Arthur Akuien Chol of South Sudan to teach Kung Fu to the South Sudanese army and the bodyguards of ministers, he stayed in South Sudan until 2010. Apart from his Kung Fu teaching, he spent all his spare time exchanging healing knowledge with traditional African healers, shamans and tribal elders.
Then in 2010 he returned to Australia and started to teach again, many of his old students came back to him. Also, many non-Kung Fu people once again began to ask for help from him, including many health practitioners and psychology consultants. 
In 2011 he went to Beijing to meet friends. Many of whom were amazed by his abilities and suggested that open an academy or clinic in Beijing.
His business associate Miss Frances Xin Liu suggested that he do a documentary TV series to interview all the famous Kung Fu masters and exchange their skills. Jilong ceased training in Australia and he and Frances started their company “Dragon Heart” and they started to negotiate with CCTV. They produced a 30 minute documentary “Fengxian, the Kungfu Town” and it played on CCTV4(Chinese International). The audience rating was very strong, so CCTV decided to work together on bigger projects. In 2012, “Experiencing Real Kungfu” started. Jilong was the executive producer, leading the team went through many provinces and cities. In 2013, the first episode of “Experiencing Real Kungfu” was playing on CCTV4. It was about Shaolin, Chen Style Tai Chi and Wing Chung. The audience ratting was 59%, 70% above CCTV-4’s average rating over the same time frame. By 2018, there were five episodes, 23 series of “Experiencing Real Kungfu” played on CCTV-4 and the whole series were replayed 37 times and Jilong rather famous.
Up until 2018, Jilong and his team studied 1265 Kungfu styles and over 700 masters. He filmed many of the famous ones. Most importantly, he made many friends who weren't famous or didn’t want to be filmed but really powerful. Jilong exchanged knowledge with them and gained large improvements.
In 2014, upon Frances's suggestion, Dragon Heart opened the first online Kungfu Academy started to teach Kungfu online. Soon the “number one Angel investor of China”, Mr Charles Xue, also the investor of many listed companies, invested in Dragon Heart. By 2018, Dragon Heart had 31712 paid online members from the online Academy.
In 2014, Jilong was invited to the best Universities in China such as Tsinghua University and Peking Union Medical University to teach Kungfu. Students were amazed by his kungfu and medical students were shocked by his effectiveness of healing. In 2016, he was invited to the University of Michigan as Distinguished Guest to teach Kungfu to many American students.
In 2017, he was invited to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to give speech about Traditional Kungfu and healing. The hall was heavily jammed for hours before and after his speech. He has a great passion on Charity work. He went to help many poor elders in China. He heals them and also teaches them how to gain power from basic Kungfu exercises.
In 2018, Jilong was invited by Mr Steve Olweean, the president of International Humanistic Psychology Association, to the 7th Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma and International Muslim Mental Health Conference. Jilong’s speech was very successful and following it he went to many refugee camps and helped over 300 local children. He spent a lot of time working with children who had serious mental trauma from war experience.
Nowadays Jilong continues teaching people effective kungfu training systems and is welcomed by many local celebrities, businesspeople and politicians by his healing powers. 
TAHA is very proud to have him in the team as the International Training Director







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