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As you know, hypnotherapy is not regulated in any state or territory within Australia. From a regulation perspective, there is no minimum standard of training or technical competence and anyone is free to call themselves a hypnotherapist and charge for their services. Consequently, we have a vast range of experience and qualifications practicing throughout the country. This also means that we have a vast array of people with different motivations and ethical practice standards as well.

This is the driving reason behind the establishment of an Ethical Practitioner Listing. This listing will enable members like yourself to advertise and assert to potential clients that you are bound by TAHA ethical practice guidelines. To register for this please read the the Code of Ethics and sign your agreement to the contract below and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to pay the $40/year membership fee to help us provide this service.

What you receive as an Ethical Practitioner…
1. A signed certificate acknowledging your involvement

2. A public listing on our Ethical Practitoner directory here.

3. The right to advertise and assert you are bound by TAHA ethical practice guidelines

To become a registered Ethical Practitioner, the annual fee is $40 which is renewed January each year for all members. Please make payment using the button below to begin.


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