It really doesn’t matter how you do it just so long as you do do it!

Smoking is killing 17 Australians a day! That’s over 6,200 people per year.  

A recently published (as at 6 July 2019) article provides these statistics and can be read HERE.

If you are a smoker or if you know a smoker, these statistics have to be frightening. It’s true however that the smoker HAS to be ready to quit…it’s not something that can be forced. Hopefully, some information in the article I wrote a few years back may help people approach quitting easier…—quitting-smoking.…
Please feel free to pass it on and contact me if you have any questions…

As mentioned above, the smoker has to WANT to quit smoking in order for hypnotherapy or patches or medications or lozengers or chewing gum etc. to work. I was once asked during a public presentation why the person had to want to quit for it to be successful; ie. why won’t hypnotherapy MAKE the person quit.  On the spot and without a prepared answer, I responded with, “At one time, every smoker was an absolute NON-SMOKER. At some stage they made a conscious decision to turn themselves into a smoker…and they did. I am committed to the belief that, when a client leaves my clinic after a quit-smoking treatment, they will be a QUIT SMOKER but there is nothing I can do, short of locking the person in a dungeon for the rest of their life, to ensure that they will never smoke again. They have turned themselves into a smoker once before in the past and there is nothing that could stop them doing that again in the future but now they know the health, financial, social and negative aspects of smoking from personal experience. Their desire to quit, coupled with the empowerment provided by hypnotherapy and their knowledge of the negatives means that the chance they will turn themselves back into a smoker are absolutely minimised.”  Now, I preempt any questions during presentations and/or discussions with people in respect of quitting smoking by rolling this statement out in the first instance.

I do find it personally pleasing when people that have come to see me to quit smoking refer others and these referals typically comment that their friend/family member or aquaintance that has quit commented on how easy the quitting process had actually been.